Monday, January 2, 2012

Doggy bag needed for free chocolate tasting

My parents arrived bringing us Christmas cheer and holiday spirit to ignite some Perth sight seeing.  My mum masqueraded happiness as she sat with her knees around her ankles in the smaller seat in the boot of the car, (Pilates has proven to have improved her flexibility). Regardless of sqishiness, we all had smiles as we piled into the car for a trip to Swan Valley.

In just 30 minutes we had reached winery district.  Considering it was only 10:30am, some would argue that it may be an inappropriate time to start wine tasting, so the next best option?  Chocolate!  I had heard rave reviews about the Swan Valley Chocolate Factory, but to be honest I was a little bit disappointed.  Children learn via interest and curiosity, and my children are definietly interested in chocolate so I thought this would be a good experience. There was a viewing window where the children could look at the back of a girl who was pouring chocolate, not quite the educational show I was expecting my children to witness.  Not that I was expecting to see someone picking cacao beans out the back of the factory in a West African setting, but a smile from the worker as my children drooled over the window would of been nice. 

A large range of chocolate bars, chocolate coated products, chocolate sauces, chocolate body oils even shirts with chocolate slogans, are all on offer.  Swan Valley Chocolate Factory is worth a visit if you would like to spoil a friend or a client with a gift.  My parents managed to spend over $70 combined on little chocolate pieces! I had to laugh when they both said, "That is what you pay for good chocolate nowdays".  "No it isn't!  Where do you shop!"  I screamed inside "I can get Cadbury Top Deck 220g on sale at Cole's for $2.50!!!  And that is 2 sort of chocolates!"

Don't get me wrong, the chocolate tastes amazing and there is definitely a glass and a half of goodness thrown in there, but over $2 each for a single chocolate truffle ball!!  Why are people paying this sort of money for a ball of chocolate?  Didn't you see the 3 huge tubs of chocolate for free tasting?  The line at the free chocolate line was longer than the queue to purchase.  I must admit I had a giggle when I heard an older patron ask the worker who was sweeping up the chocolate droppings surrounding the free chocolate pig trough, "What happens with the leftovers that fall on the floor?"  It was almost said in hope that they would be donated like day old bread from a bakery.  Would of loved to hear him reply, "We recycle". 

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