Thursday, January 12, 2012

Snow angels on the bed

Since the move to Perth, I have been pretty lucky that my husband has not been working away overnight.  At least twice mid week he gets to see the kids for a story before bed, and he is usually on 'the morning shift' before leaving for work between 7.30 and 8am.  The children definitley know who there father is, (apart from that time our son confused  a bald man in Gloria Jeans Cafe last month for dad and gave him a running tackle towards his groin for a cuddle), and I am proud to say that all time spent together is quality. 

My husband heads off to Karratha for a 3 night stay; he feels quite anxious about the trip as there are warnings of cyclone Heidi popping in for a visit, and also the conditions are extremely remote to what he is used to.  Mental note for myself, pay more attention when husband is speaking, and don't just nod   thinking about what is going on the grocery list for tomorrow.  Are we seriously low on toilet paper already?  Turns out hubby, was not actually staying in Karratha, but in Marandoo, which is 100km from Paraburdoo where he flew into, 350 km away from the coast line.

Vegetarian away, the carnivore comes out to play; apart from that, my routine stays the same.  (Apart from sleeping like a child making snow angels on a queen size bed, minus the snow of course.)  Even the children adapt. Usually waking dad at 6am for a strawberry or chocolate milk can be exhausting, so they too take the opportunity to sleep until 7am each morning while dad is away.  Secretly I think that they know mummies response would be, "Sure help yourself, you can reach the water in the fridge", so probably best to wait for her to wake in a good mood?

The point of my rant?  I do care when he has gone.  Although it may not seem so.  I received a call 6.30am on the last morning he was away.  I lay in bed listening to it ring.  You know when you get a phone call early in the morning, or really late at night, you automatically presume that something is wrong, or that there is bad news, or that you have one a lotto?  Well, turns out I do not presume.  I think at that point, I may have blinked, then flipped my pillow to escape my wet drool mark, but there was definitely no presuming about good or extrodinary news.  By the second phone call, I presume.  I presume that my sister in law has forgotton to convert time once again, but she will realise on the fifth ring and then I will tease her about it when I call her back in a few hours.  But the phone rings on... so I answer.  "Is he okay?  Is everything alright?"  (Mum is on a weeks holiday from work, and has obviously already done her morning walk and put on 3 loads of washing.) Apparently cyclone Heidi has hit the coast of Karratha, it is all over the news and is quite serious.  As I talk my mum down off the ledge and reassure her that my hubby is just fine, I slowly start to crawl the ladder to the ledge myself.  Now I am worrying as to why he did not call me to tell me he was safely under a heavy based table with a months supply of canned beans and water.

I will call him.  So after breakfast for 3, an inattentive vaccum of the house, a short run on the treadmill and a quick visit to the grocery store with the kids, I ponder on what hubby would like for dinner.  Oh, shoot, thats right, he is under a table hiding from a cyclone with beans.  I call, as any loving wife would, (only 4 hours later), only to be rest assured that he is fine, just a spot of rain, and he will be on his flight home tonight.  After all Karratha is 350km away from  Paraburdoo .

Turns out the work trip was great.  Beautiful pictures of the land. I presume most tourists would imagine all of Australia to be like this, but I am sure that not many Australians would of had the pleasure to actually experience it.  Can not believe I am saying this, but I am officially adding desert to my list of things to do.  And yes, I am spelling it correctly I do not want to dive into a huge creme brulee, (well I do but not what I am reffering to at this moment), and yes I am well aware, that not all deserts have a mirage involving palm trees and a crystal clear lagoon.  I guess I too want to experience the red dirt that reappears until the 3rd shower after leaving.  I hate to miss out on experiences!

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