Sunday, January 22, 2012

Big fat tick

This was definitelyy on my list of things to do.  Maybe even my bucket list; you know, what I want to do before I expire?  My list seems endless, it is all in my head, and I add to it daily.  I guess I should really script it before my memory starts to go?  Every time I tick something off my list I seem to add another two.  Anyway, for now, big fat tick next to Pinnacles.

I was not really sure what to expect. Something on a smaller scale to Stonehenge perhaps? Considering Stonehenge is man made dating back to 3000BC, and Pinnacles are nature made limestone pillars.  Yeh, not even close.  Should of done more research before arriving.  I actually enjoyed the element of surprise; this further explains why I love not knowing about a movie before I see it. I do not like to create expectations, (this is why I was not overly taken by the movie Avatar... also, the fact that the man sitting next to us in this epic movie had horrid body odour that couldn't even be masked by a cinema full of that glorious popcorn smell.)

The Pinnacles are within the Namburg National Park.  They offer an interactive information centre that does not sell ice cream, (just in case you are wondering).  There is a 4km loop that you can drive with a 10km speed limit, that gives you plenty of opportunity to park and walk about.  The very cheery lady that took our $11 entry fee warned about the heat, ensuring that we had plenty of water, hats, and advised not to stay out in the sun for too long.  This is it!  I am as close to the desert as I will ever be, (or perhaps wish to be).

It was so hypnotizing.  It had an eerie feel, but was so beautiful at the same time.  Thousands of limestone pillars poked out of the ground, each was different, yet some appeared to be grouped together appropriately.  They were rough, smooth, pointy, rounded, ripply, holey, (yes these are my scientific words, similar to that of a true metamorphic petrologist).  To me, they were like clouds in the sky, each had its own unique shape representing something possibly I could only see. I saw elephants, hands, body poses and a kite.
Do you see a face or is it just me?

My daughter commented that there should be Indians and camels around because we were in the desert.  My son just said, "mummy, big rocks!" I guess his vocabulary has not advanced to the same stage as his sister's?  Hubby thought it was a bit like looking at tombstones, the place certainly had a spiritual feel to it.

I will let the pictures speak for themselves.  This should be listed with Australia's natural wonders, if not the worlds.  Big tick off my list, now time to think of two more things to add ... how about 'meet the Dalai Lama' and 'walk on fire'.  By the way, is my expiry on my bucket list negotiabledate... cna I get an extension of time?
By the way... if I had 'see a chubby man in a kilt dressed as a pirate with a vacuum on his back in the desert' on my bucket list... Big fat tick!

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