Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dinner and a show

'Dinner and a show' is still achievable even though we have two young children.  A few things need to be altered though.  Firstly, the order changes to a show and dinner.  Secondly, the show must be rated G, have lots of flashing lights and people dressed as cartoon characters, the option is open to come dressed as a character from the show, something my husband and I chose not to partake in, (could be a bad habit to start, imagine us at productions of Cats, Phantom of the Opera, or Hair for that matter, not a pretty sight!).  Thirdly, the beverage bought at the bar before is apple juice not wine.  And finally, dinner is had at 6pm, to allow for mummy and daddy to have an early night after an exhausting and over stimulating event. 
We definitely had tickets in the nose bleed section, as a matter of fact my thighs burnt as we made our way to row X in section 203!  But we had a great view.  All comfortable in our seats when some late comers sat in front of us to spoil our children's view.  Seriously, who comes to a show with your hair placed in a bun on top of your head!!!  You may as well wear a top hat sweet-heart, not helping our kids' view too much!!!  I must admit that hubby was not overly impressed when the foul odour bearing couple from way out west plonked themselves next to him.  'Is it a little bit odd that you are both in your mid thirties and have come to the show without children?  Actually, is it also a bit odd that you are in your mid thirties and you have not heard of deodorant!?!' After intermission, people had moved seats next to me, (maybe I am the one with the odour problem?) and my hubby and son moved to the other side of me for a better view.  Good for them but left me with the downwind scent wafting from the childless patrons.

The children had spent all afternoon in anticipation of the show "I am so exciting, I can not wait, I am so exciting!!"  It was worth the wait for them.  Classic songs from the movies were remixed to the sounds of  hip hop, pop, swing, reggae, rock, country and much more! The irresistible lineup of performers included, Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy, Ariel, Eric, Sebastian and Ursula (the Little Mermaid); Jasmine, Aladdin and Genie, (Aladdin) and Woody, Buzz and Jessie, (from Toy story). The children couldn't resist dancing and singing with the characters, and to be honest and I think hubby and I held a good tune through out! Soul mate may have even had a little air guitar moment, (he presumed it was too dark for anyone to see).

I think that the children are still on a come down from Christmas.  We have had activities, visitors and special events on everyday since hubby has been on holidays, so Princess, who literally now presumes she is a Princess, could not understand why we did not find it necessary to buy her a flashing sword or small figurine for over $30 each.  We did however buy them a shirt each for $20 and a bucket of popcorn for $15.  I looked for the caviar tub under the popcorn, but they must of run out since we got ours after intermission? Unfortunately my Princess was unable to emotionally accept that a plastic Flounder the fish shaped cup with ice inside was also not necessary.  Some times life just is not fair.  We both promised to give her a cup of plain ice cubes when we got home, but apparently it would not be the same.

Time for our treat and we had a lovely Italian meal at Sopranos.  Searching for some Italian meal memories, we managed a lovely meal, daughter settled for veal instead of octopus, son slurped up his spaghetti and mummy and daddy managed to stay awake until the end of the meal.

I love when we are all on holidays together.  Time to explore Perth a bit more.

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