Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I will just blow it dry

How many towels do you have?  Just curious.  You see, tonight we had an adventure, and it led me to discover that I have too many towels.  Forty five in fact.  Gee that sounds like alot!
As I am aiming for housewife of the year, (keep in mind it is only February), hubby is away for the week, and I am doing a weeks worth of ironing at 5:30pm, which is generally known amongst all those parents out there as "witching hour". You know, the time of day when words are screamed "I'm hungry!  I'm tired!  Feed me or I will eat my younger sibling! PS, Mummy you are main course! If daddy ever comes home he is dessert!"  Needless to say, no matter what time I program, 'healthy afternoon snacks', I still hear these 'requests', sometimes from both spawn at the same time, oh lucky me.
Tonight we are fed well, not too many interuptions, some rice, some pasta, some chicken, some tomato, beans, cucumber, celery and carrot.  Sounds disgusting , but I figure I have ticked each box if they eat it all.  Big tick.  Awesome.  Now shower, "Yay, who wants a shower?  Showers are so much fun?  Wish I could have a shower?  Showers are so much fun?  You are so lucky having a shower!" I've never shown so much fake excitement before ... but it worked to get them in the shower without too many dramas. Is anybody 'Hi-5' ing me here or am I all alone?

I am ironing. "Mummy, mum, mummy, mum, mum, mum, He has my dolphin, it is swimming away!" Really, I am ironing a business shirt is my first thought. I quicly do a mental stock take of our bath accessories... and I respond, (from 3 rooms away), "Do you have a shark, sharks are so much faster, can you find a shark?" Response, "Yes mummy, I am eating him with a shark!"

All good.  Correct?  Ummmmm.... Not exactly.  Next call... "Mummmy, now my shark is swimming away!"  I sigh.  Similar to a 15 year old just finding out her boyfriend crush is now dating her bestfriend in the netball team.  "Arrrrgggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......"  I look at the 2 shirts left in the basket, (out of 2 baskets, so close yet so far!)  stomp, stomp, stomp, down the hallway.  Absolutely nobody around to see me stomp, purely for my own theropy.  Stomp, stomp... oh dear...... cool.... calm.... collected.

"What the!  Oh my!  So wet! Oh know!  So expensive!"  They were exact words spent as I walked around the corner to find a swimming pool fountaining out of the shower and creeping along the carpet towards both of the bedrooms.  So; how many towels do you have?  I actually suprised myself with "okay, mummy is sad, very sad, so sad because we rent and do not own... To make mummy happy, we need to do the running dance, it is similar to the warm up dance."  (A dance that is performed in the pool, running in circles holding hands while mummy does minimum 10 laps in the pool to warm up.)

I had been complaining about the marked carpets, but they were other peoples marks, not my own.  It is harder to complain about something that is your fault. Keep in mind these are old carpets.  Not tight nit.  Not stain resistant.  The edges of each wall are disgusting also, so on the positive side, now they have had a good wash down.
Princess decided, that obviously bath was better than shower, so she covered the plughole with a face washer.  I am not angry and we very calmly tramp on over 20 towels to clean the mess, which is actually quite fun, stamp, stamp, stamp, "like a dinosaur" (while mummy irons.)  I finish ironing my last 2 shirts, while cleaning the carpet turns into a game for the little ones.  They actually did quite a good job.  And princess assures me that, we will just leave it now and it will be all dry in the morning, if not we can blow on it!

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