Saturday, March 3, 2012

This is like Blair witch project

Wanting to make the most of the Perth long weekend, (Labour day, Monday the 5th of March) we (I)decided to head east to Wave Rock, Hyden,  for a long weekend vacation.  This is when realisation set in that we were still a little naive concerning Western Australia's 'hotspots' as husband questioned one week before holidays, "Soooo, Wave Rock, is the beach nearby?"  I responded, "Not too close", but true to its name, we would be seeing a rock, looking like a wave, hence the name, who would of thought?

Google maps estimated 4 1/2 hours travel, GPS had us at 3 1/2 hours, so we arrived at an impressive 5 1/2 hours! We were travelling to destination with a double car convoy with 3 children included so several stops including emergency wetting of red soil on the side of the road was imminent. "I just can't wait" echoing from the rear of the car to solve issues of release, feeding and anticipation of destination.... "I just can't wait!"

I made a fabulous executive decision as leader driver of the convoy to follow a 't' (tourist destination) sign, for an opportunity to stretch my legs.  After all, how often are we going to head this far east into this beautiful land, make the most of it right?  Needless to say.... I am not too sure if you will find this as a tourist destination in the Lonely Planet guide to the Great Western Australia Outback.  But if you do decide to follow the all trustworthy 't'  sign, you will find 'Christmas tree well' / a swamp with a leather lounge half immersed and a few pine trees on the side / a pit filled in with concrete and covered in wire (presume this is the well?) / more random pieces of mould furnishings that obviously did not belong in a bush setting / and a large mound of sand that looks as though it has been randomly dumped by a concrete truck that has obviously over ordered on the sand.  "Wow a really big sandpit!" comment the kids.  Looks like the children will be easy to please on this particular vacation.  Personally I think I should contact local council and have this local 't' attraction removed, but I guess it is all part of discovering Australia.  I give them praise for trying to furnish a swamp i guess. With mutters in my ear from hubby "This is like Blair Witch Project, can we go now?", we head off before the sun sets for a spooky setting.
Christmas tree well

We arrived at Wave Rock Resort, Hyden, (and I use the word Resort loosely). Brick self-contained cabins in the middle of the outback, that are protected buy a rusty old armour tank; I should of known there was to be no pool bar or Wi Fi Internet... what was i thinking? The rusty armour tank to protect me from the rumoured spirits, (oops, did I forget to tell my fellow travellers about the ghost,) I'll get to that later.  I just know, no, I am certain, that I am going to have an awesome holiday!  Do you know how I knew?  I think it was the numerous amounts of laminated signs littering the brick walls informing me about the dangers of the rat raps, and the importance of keeping doors closed to keep the insects, critters, (spirits) out!
Well protected

We were 340 km east from Perth, so I can confidently say, for me, this is pretty remote country.  No Ikea.  No MacDonald's.  The land is dry, the land is flat, everything seems to be red like it is covered in rust, and the cloudless skies and 35 degrees seemed to give an even wider impression of open spaces and barren terrain.  Okay, so now I sound like I am quoting from an A B Patterson poem. And I sound as though I am criticizing, I do not mean to, this is beautiful country.  The roads are lined with red dirt, you can spot only an occasional sheep, I am sure there are more, but they blend with the rocks and the pale fields; the only movement seemed to come from the occasional windmill trying to pump water from dried out damns for the non-existent cattle.  In all honesty, my husband and I spent most of our travel time trying to guess what all the land was used for.  We narrowed it down to either salt from the salt lakes or sales of ground melons????  I have a feeling we would both be wrong, therefore we both tie first place!

Our 'resort' style cabins were situated next to Lake Magic, (more words that should probably be used loosely). I did not see anyone pull a rabbit out of their hat, nor did someone pull a coin from behind my ear. I did however see people slipping on the clay surrounds and sinking knee deep in random parts of the waters edge. There were a few 'Funniest Home Video' moments, but true to form, I was too busy giggling to film. The water in the lake is clear but salty and the lakes base is made of gypsum. There were two catamarans on offer without sails and a canoe without paddles, so intellectual tuition told me perhaps water sports are out?
Lake Magic
Lake Magic swallowing thongs and people
Beautiful sun set

Cancelled on the water sports

I have joked about the accommodation, but in hindsight,  as long as we have a bed, working shower and toilet, I am happy.  We even had an outdoor amphitheatre, (which we later found out was an outdoor karaokee stage), that the children used to perform their own concerts, play games of freeze, chase, spot lights and some star gazing.  We felt welcome in Hyden.
Private concert

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