Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day of Advertised Love

Many people give cards called valentines to people that they care about and sometimes chocolates, or candy if in America, and flowers are exchanged, too! But where did this tradition come from?

The history of Valentine’s Day is a bit mysterious to me. Apparently back in the 3rd century there was a man named Valentine who was highly looked upon by religious people and was made a saint. However, there were also several other St. Valentine’s in history.  We do know that legend associates Saint Valentine with being a heroic and romantic person and the tradition of sending love notes comes from him.  It’s a good occasion to express care for one another!  Or perhaps "Valentines" was really created by 'Mr Hallmark Cards' or 'RSVP.com dating service' in an attempt to boost sales.  After all, look at how much money can be made on the hype of Christmas and Easter.

Basically Valentines Day holds two options for everyone;
  1. You panic about how you can proclaim your affection for someone special without being too obvious.  Sending flowers once a year doesn't really impress, so it is time to stress over a restaurant, with a set menu of 'the romantic favourites' with a complimentary glass of cheap sweet fizzy wine.
  2. You panic that you do not have anyone to proclaim your affection for, so you waste your money and effort on purchasing new sparkly collars for your dog or cat, or spoil yourself with a stay at home dinner for one, that is most likely portioned to be a dinner for two!
So you thought it was easy?  Why roses? Nana is the only one who grows them.  And to be totally honest, they hurt.  A lot.  No matter where you try to hold them, those things are lethal.  Is it a hidden message?  I love you so, but I will hurt you just the same? Roses are the traditional gift given on Valentines Day, but before you buy roses, know what message you're sending. Colour means a lot.
Red roses proclaim "I love you."
Yellow roses indicate friendship and freedom
Pale pink roses connote grace, gentleness, and gratitude.
Deep pink roses say "Thank you."
Lilac roses indicate the sender has fallen in love at first sight with the recipient and is enchanted.
Pure white roses symbolize truth and innocence.
Peach roses speak of appreciation and gratitude.
Coral roses express one thing with their passionate color:
Orange roses communicate enthusiasm and desire on the part of the sender. 
Dead Roses rregardless of the original color, dead roses say "I love you more than ever", just joking, "It's over" loud and clear.
And then there are combined rose combinations that bring on an entire new meaning.  I wonder if anyone has received a bunch of roses mixed deep pink and dead.  "Thank you, it's over", how very polite!
Shouldn't everyday be Valentines Day?  After all, it feels like it is when you are in the first 3 months of a relationship.  I would much prefer a post it note on the bathroom mirror proclaiming love.  Or even "please clean the mirror, love hubby", it is the thought that counts.
I am the first to say "don't waste your money on flowers, I would prefer quality time together".  But when I received a delivered bottle of champagne and dozen long stem roses delivered to my door, I must admit, I did blush.  (And then I thought, 'doesn't my husband know me?  Shouldn't it be a long stem rose and a dozen bottles of champagne?')  Actually, not really delivered to my door.  I received a call from the delivery service...
"Is this Mrs Gonzalez?"
"Ummm, yes"
"I have roses and champagne to deliver and you are not home."
"Ummm, okay"
"What do you want me to do?"
"Ummm, keys under the mat, light the candles, pop the champagne and prepare the oysters...."
Okay so I did not really say the last part, and luckily so as the delivery person was female and over the age of 70, (not my type).  She was, however, willing to wait the two minutes until I arrived home, then she passed the champagne and roses to me via my car window as I drove in the driveway.  How many of you can say that you had flowers delivered to your car on Valentines Day? Not many I am sure.  I am one lucky lady!

Flowers from hubby and friend, 2 dozen roses, I'm feeling the love!
Last thought, for now, the words.  Who is cheating on the Internet for a romantic message?  Be honest with yourself.  Don't worry.  Majority are just writing "Dear you", "Love me" on a Hallmark card.  Don't kid yourself, there will be no rose petal messages across your King sized bed that drapes an imaginary mosquito net, nor will that message trailing behind that bi-plane be for you.  After all, your name is not Audrey, no matter how much you try to alter or twist your nick names for each other, it is still not Audrey.  (By the way, happy Valentines Audrey, blah, blah, blah, seriously some people in Perth have money to burn, they are obviously in the first 3 months of a relationship.)
So I receive a card with my gift today.  I hope hubby does not mind that I share it with you.  (He is away in Karratha for the week, he has a memory like a goldfish, so I figure if I speak now, he will of forgotten by his return.) 
"Dear You,
You made my dreams come true when you became my wife.  I hope JK you will be my Valentine for the rest of my life.
Love you,
Isn't that sweet, although.... who the $%£& is JK?  Seriously, do you know?  I've been trying to turn my name into JK all afternoon, and it can not be done.  I've been trying to make cute nicknames for myself with these initials, like... JK, Jolly Kisser, or JK, Joyous Keeper!  But they just don't seem to be right.  So then it hits me, JK, Just Kidding!  Oh no! Is hubby breaking up with me in a Valentine card.  Just Kidding will you be my Valentine! Really!?!  Then why waste the money on the roses and champagne?
So once again, I jump the gun, or not jump, but leap a country mile over the gun.  Apparently hubby has no idea who JK is.  When he scribed the message to the florist JK was not included.  I am presuming the florist is single and hates this romantic day of celebration and is out to cause turmoil amongst lovers.  That is my guess.
Happy Valentines Day.  A day to let anyone that you care about, know that you are there.  Does not matter the message, or the colour of the flower, it is all about the thought.

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