Sunday, December 25, 2011

Santa did it!

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, only a daddy downing Santa's whiskey, a mummy eating the reindeer's carrots and sultanas and the sneak, sneak sound of parents keeping the 'big lie' alive.

Santa is a good guy. Isn't he?  Then why have I used him to threaten and bribe my children over the last month?  "Santa is watching you!  Would Santa think that is naughty or nice behaviour?  Really; do you think Santa would think it is okay to wear a pink striped shirt with a red spotted skirt?  Husband, I do not think Santa would approve of you having another piece of chocolate slice!"  Perhaps the worst accusation that I have thrown at Santa thus far is that he is the dummy stealer. 

Twas the night before Christmas and in my house a reluctant child gave his dummies away quieter than a mouse...

We placed the 5 pacifiers we could find in our sons Christmas stocking.  "Santa will take them away and give them to the babies that really need them.   In the morning, your Christmas stocking will be filled with all of those special things you have been dreaming about.  Santa is doing this.  Santa.  Not mummy or daddy; because mummy and daddy love you very much.  It was Santa!"

I have to say that Christmas day was fantastic. We had friends join us and it felt like we were surrounded by family. We gorged on ham, turkey, prawns and oysters.  This was accompanied by music, conversation, a few drinks, but more importantly, children laughing, swimming, and playing games.

Do you know what my best memory of the day was?  No it wasn't the white chocolate ripples on the citrus cheesecake.  Nor was it laughing at my guest that came wearing a shirt with his laundromat tag still attached to his collar.  It was my sons response to his Santa sack at 6am in the morning.

Tap, tap, tap ... tap, tap, tap ...slap, slap, slap ... "Good morning son, Merry Christmas!"  said through bleary eyes.  "Up, up, up daddy up!" said by son with arms flapping like a seagull with palms facing the heavens.  He pointed towards his room with urgency, silent hand signals are given similar to leading a platoon through battle in Vietnam.  We silently follow our mini Sargent down the hall to his room where he points to his filled Santa sack in astonishment.  We had (I mean Santa had), double knotted the top so he could not open without our help.

"Oh my goodness!  Santa came! You must of been a good boy this year!  The sack is full, what do you think he bought you?"

My son obviously contemplates his donation of his most worldly possessions the night before, (pacifiers), he looks so proud the sack is full and ecstatic about getting inside.  "Wow, what do you think Santa put in your sack?"  He smiles, "Dummies!" he squeals in excitement.  Apparently he was so good this year that Santa turned his 5 dummies into 1000!  Classic.  I love Christmas.

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