Sunday, October 16, 2011

Langley Park Flyin

We are finally ‘box free’ in our new apartment.  Everything seems to be unpacked and have a place, (if not a cupboard to hide in until later).  Out of sight out of mind works well for me.  Children are sleeping in their own rooms and seem settled at nights again, do not think we have had uninterrupted sleeps since Italy, which was 2 and a half months ago now.  Think my husband is mentally doing the touchdown dance as he was the one to always get up to them during the night, (or shall I say, I trained them to wake daddy and mummy plays a good fake dead).

Our first full weekend in our new abode had us excited about our new view of Perth city and the Swan River.  We managed to fluke fireworks at the Gold Coast on my son’s birthday, and made a point to tell the children that it was a little something that mummy and daddy organised.  So now anytime there is activity in the air my daughter presumes it is something my husband and I have organised.  Therefor the Langley Flyin that was running this weekend was organised as a house warming for the children.  (I love that their naivety results in us looking like superheros!)
The Langley Park  Flyin had us watching Aerobatic flying all weekend from our window.  There was no need for a gold coin donation to enter and watch, nor did we get a saw neck from looking up, we just looked out. (We actually had friends over on the Sunday to watch, gold coin donation for entry could have been a good money spinner….is that wrong?)

The aircrafts showcased were from the 1920s to 2011 including experimental, vintage, commercial and military aircraft.  The children particularly enjoyed watching the planes go ‘loop the loop’, I enjoyed watching them hang in the air before bomb diving towards the Swan River.  They often disappeared towards the building in front of us, to be honest I had to hold my breath a couple of times and did have a few 9/11 flashbacks.

My daughter was very proud of herself in the afternoon to spot a new plane all by herself.  “Look mummy, I see the biggest plane” she pointed in amazement.  “Yes dear, I too am amazed, that plane is Qantas, I thought they were all grounded with the strikes.”

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