Monday, October 24, 2011

I've been busy doing stuff

It has been such a long time since I have 'recorded memories', to be honest I do not know where time has gone.  How many times have you driven to work, arrived and then thought, "I don't remember getting here, gee I hope I didn't run a red light?!?"  This is how I feel. I have been living life on auto pilot if you will, (and hopefully not running too many red lights). Now would be a good time to recap the Hollywood glamour that is my life.

We found an apartment, fantastic location, we are all very happy and the carpets were stained before we came. Every wall is marked or scuffed like it has been attacked by a gang of Parkour specialists, and the vertical blinds in my sons room smell and flake like rotten hay. You would think that these conditions would bother me, but I welcome with open arms an opportunity to blend my children's 'lasting impression' on a rental property, with its original poor state.  I was granted permission to remove the rotting hay bale from my sons room, only if it was done by a paid professional.  So I paid somebody from Kresta blinds to come and unclip 10 single Venetian blinds, wink, wink, I wrapped them in plastic, air tight, duct tape, then forced behind blankets in the top of the cupboard.  I think I can still smell the hay; but I plan for them to return to their rotten noose at the end of our lease, so unfortunately they can not be disposed of permanently.  "Wow", I hear you say, "rotting blinds, you know where to find the excitement in Perth!"

Anyhow...our storage arrived from Newcastle NSW.  We have not seen these things in 2 years and it was like an early Christmas.  Every box opened  was greeted with either  "Why did we keep this?" or "Is this ours?"  It is funny how tastes change over the years, I'm not talking about a tolerance for brussel sprouts or acceptance of spam, I am talking about a love for nick knacks turning into a love for minimal.  Now I have stuff to hide.

One month later... more stuff to hide. Even though we were in a fully furnished apartment in Milan, it was very basic, so we picked up a few necessities on the way.  83 boxes worth actually.  Oh dear.  Minimalistic, in my dreams, almost inconceivably. 83 does sound like alot, but to my defence, 1/3 were toys just returning to their home land, the next 1/3 was clothing but winter jackets take up a lot of room and I am well prepared next time we move to Antarctica.  Last 1/3, my husband will tell you consists of Ikea white pot plants, and Ikea white shelving units.

I am sure you are all aware that our experience in Italy was one of an eye opener as far as bureaucracy and paper work is concerned.  So it was no surprise to us that it took 3 months for our belongings to reach us from the Italian shores.  Slow boat?  Big queue at the gas station for tankers? Quick go back I forgot my pasta and espresso machines?  Once again, opening the boxes felt like it was Christmas.  My princess slept with 5 barbie dolls like she had been reacquainted with a lost love.  My prince had trains set up next to his bed ready for attack choo choo first thing in the morning.  And that evening, my husband was not concerned that I was hugging my returned pillow; after all he was spooning his espresso machine.  Is that wrong?

We have had a Toyota Klugar, (to be read with a manly grunt, similar to Tim Allen in Home Improvement), which has now been returned to the hire car stealer's, boo hoo, but one month later than anticipated, yee hah! I've gone from driving a Fiat in Milan wearing high heels everyday, to a big 4WD and a concerning urge to tattoo "out of my way" on my forehead.  (Perhaps a little to permanent in hindsight.)  Now the rental is gone and we have taken on a lease. It took awhile for persuasion on this matter, but now I tell myself I am chartering a vehicle, (just sound fancy), and considering I have agreed to live the life of a gypsy until the children reach high school, this was perhaps the best option. So now I have a Mitsubishi Outlander, (which I love), and I think it is a satisfying compromise between mini and giant vehicle.  Picture if you will, a tattooed forehead in a lovely pair of red pumps.  Oh yeh, soooo Perth, welcome to the west side!  My soul mate has been given his work car, Toyota Camry, very reliable.  It is nice. My description of this car is similar to a real estate agent promoting a rotten fibro house as a cute and cozy cottage. It is a car, it works when you turn the key, good enough for me. Up to date now?  I am living it up.  I really need to start doing things; but I am too busy doing stuff, so not right now, maybe later????

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