Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Perth, it could be worse.

These above words were said to me by a close friend, when I was unsure how to react to the news that Perth was soon to be called home.  To be totally honest my first reaction was “Oh okay……..” (long pause).  Actually in all honesty, there was a definite obscenity muttered out of shock.
Please do not take this as a negative statement.  Perth.  I have been there on holidays for a wedding about 7 years ago.  Great place.  I lost a full suitcase of luggage, (how does that just disappear?)  Anyhow, it was pleasant.  But to be totally honest, I never thought, “Ahhh, 3 million win on lotto, bye bye, I am off to Perth!”

At this point, it may be important for me to keep in mind that I had a brief holiday drive via Newcastle and then ended up moving there for 4 years.  I loved it there, it is where we bought our first house, I gave birth to my 2 children and I made eternal friendships and memories that will never be replaced.  I am now rather hesitant as to where my husband suggests we ‘stop over’ or take a little ‘break’. 
Two and a half years ago we had a holiday in Italy, then soon after we moved to Milan for 14 months.  I am not complaining, but I must admit, I am now hesitant and extremely observant when my husband suggests that we “take a little trip”.  “Come on darling, a little trip to Afghanistan  you may just like it?”  These may be the famous last words before I am looking for schooling in Kabul or buying spinach and turnips to eat from the local villagers.
Okay so it sounds bad “Perth, it could be worse”.  But it could of said, “Perth, it could be better…” than a poke in the eye, lemon juice on a paper cut, or a Bon Jovi album caught in your CD player during a traffic jam.  So yes, I am being positive.  My cup is definitely half full.  But I have to be honest Perth, we have just moved from Milan.  I am expecting food, culture, and a definite shock to my mental bubble of reality.  I have no doubt I will be happy.  But I do doubt whether Perth will offer me the day trip and variety of experiences I can use to educate and pleasure myself, my husband and my 2 sponge worthy children.  Prove me wrong Perth.  “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, OY, OY, OY!”

We will explore all that you have to offer; make me proud and I will try not to embarrass myself and my family too much in our next chapter.  Enjoy our adventures. Milan was Gonzosabroad.  Welcome to Gonzosnearby.

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