Friday, September 16, 2011


We are greeted by rain, but also greeted by all of our luggage so things must be looking up. Thank goodness for our larger hire car.  Six suitcases, four  cabin bags, a car seat, a booster seat, a pram, two long surfboards, two children, one  husband and a cranky wife.  Do not think we were going to be squeezing comfortably into a small car or a Fiat. 

I felt relief when I saw our 4WD hire car
Two trips to the car and we finally manage to mould all the bags and bodies into the car.  Our daughter quickly declares, “I want to go to our helltell now.  I want to go for a swim, then we can go and see Nana and Pa, okay?” (Helltell is how my daughter pronounces hotel; this is hopefully not a premonition of our accommodation for the next 4 weeks.)  I briefly explain that we will be living in Perth now, and that after the aeroplane experience mummy just had, we may never travel by air again.  If she wanted to visit Nana and Pa, she needed to put on her walking shoes and head for the Nullabour, (or she could wait until tomorrow and just see them on Skype via computer).  I am greeted with a look of confusion, then a simple, “I want to go to the pool now please.”
"Bye bye then, I will tell Nana and Pa you are on the way.  Oh, and don't talk to strangers!"

The apartment is comfortable, we have a large living area, self-contained kitchen and the bedrooms are conveniently located at opposite ends of the apartment.  After exploring the helltell pool, we take a family vote and agree that it may be best to wait a couple of days before going for a swim.  Considering that the pool is totally emptied of any form of liquid due to restoration, the attempt of the rocket ship diving we had been practising 2 weeks prior, does not seem like the best idea.  Welcome home Gonzalez family.
An empty pool was the cherry on top of our travelling nightmare cupcake!

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