Sunday, April 1, 2012

Let the boy slide carni folk!

The days outing was Garvey Park, for the 2012 Autumn River Festival, and we unhappily sat in traffic for an hour, (we were informed by the GPS the entire trip would only take 20 minutes).  With husband away, it was up to me to entertain my impatient travellers.  Mental note, they are still too young to play 'I spy'. 
"I spy with my little eye, something beginning with C."
"Elephant"......  next game.
"99 bottles of soya milk on the wall, 99 bottles of soya milk, if one of the soya milks should happen to fall, there'd be 98 bottles of soya milk on the wall!"  Bored by 97.

The Autumn River Festival had free children's entertainment and activities; a fish Fest with Kailis Bros. famous fish and chips; free water activities including water ski shows, gondola rides and kayaking; live music, art and craft stalls, free sausage sizzle and wine tasting.

Fun times watching the gondola rides and kayaking up and down the river, unfortunately they
were fully booked by the time we escaped the bubble chasing!

Unfortunately the rain was like an on-again off-again teenage relationship, and we spent the day ducking from quick spurts of rain.  This put a bit of a damper on the day, and a down poor had us all sprinting to the car.  But of course as I am driving away, I see the suns rays in the rear windscreen.  We missed the opportunity for the children top see the water ski show, something I, (I mean we) were looking forward to.  In all honesty, children were happy with their jumping castle fix.

Fun on one of the 3 jumping castles on offer!

It was a great day, and as you know I love free.  This was definitely free.  Free parking, free food, free entertainment.
I got henna markings, ('Aries symbol') while princess was on jumping castle.  There were tears on the way home when she saw my markings and also wanted a "flowery twirly stick thing".  You could not touch it for 15 minutes.  Not a chance; daughter would of smudged within the minute and would of looked like she had a poo stain on her hand for 5 days!
Any complaints.  Of course.  I am a tough crowd.  Children were enjoying the infaltable slide.  My son went for his second turn, the 'cuddly, hairy carni-folk' changed his mind and decided that my son was now to small to go on the slide.  "I know you have already had a turn... but... you know... too small."  Awesome Mr 'Cuddily, hairy, carni-folk', do you want to be the one to explain to my son, why all of a sudden he looks smaller than he did 2 minutes prior?  Can't you just let the boy slide?  How do I explain this, "Sorry son, apparently you are growing shorter not bigger, chin up, shoes back on, let's go".  He obviously has not met my 2 year old drama queen.  Seriously... he is more drama then the entire cast of Priscilla Queen of the Desert rolled into one temper tantrum.  Awesome!  Thank goodness for the funny sailor on stilts and the big bubbles.  (Thank god he also has the attention span of a goldfish.)
She walked for hours with her plastic rat juggling in strong winds and rain,
hope she either got paid well, or really loves her job!

Chasing bubbles, parents being smacked in face with dish washing soap, hilarious!


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